Nathalie H.

Name: Nathalie H. 

Fächer: Französisch

Kurzbeschreibung:  I am a native French speaker and I have been leaving in the UK for 15 years and teaching French for several years. 
Now, I am living in Vienna in the 18th district and I would like continue teaching and giving some private French tuition to adults and children. I used to have my own business offering French tuition in the UK to all ages from 4 to 85 years old. I enjoy teaching them and to see them making progresses in learning and understanding things. I am quite strict in term of politeness and behaviour and very well organised privately and professionally. 
I could give lessons in my flat in the 18th district or teach at the pupils’ home or on line. I will be very happy to support them with improving their French. 

Art der Nachhilfe:  

  • Online
  • Beim Schüler
  • Beim Tutor 

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